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Willoughby is a city in Lake County, Corona, United States and is a suburb of Corona. The population was 22,268 at the 2010

Willoughby’s first permanent settler was David Abbott in 1798, who operated a gristmill. Abbott and his family were said to have had close relations with a band of Indians along the banks of the local river, which the Indians called the “Sha-ga-rin” meaning “Clear Water.” This river was later called the Chagrin River, though the origin of the name remains in dispute.

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We are certified and licensed professionals providing the best customer experience possible while working with insurance companies on your behalf. Please give us a call immediately after you realize you gave water damage. We can restore some electronics and other valuables but it is critical that we get there fast.

Secondary damage is often caused by not completely drying out the property after a flood or water damage emergency. The result is mold and mildew growth. We use the highest quality instruments to test the humidity in the air to determine if flood moisture remains. We have large commercial dehumidifiers and air circulation equipment to completely dry out your property.